Welcome to North Korea - Vítejte v KĽDR

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Welcome to North Korea - Vítejte v KĽDR


Title: Welcome to North Korea - Vítejte v KĽDR
Original Title: Vítejte v KĽDR
Language versions: Czech original version with English subtitles
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2009
Length: 76 min
Color: Color
Director: Linda Jablonská
Screenplay: Linda Jablonská
Cinematography: David Cysař, Linda Jablonská
Editing: Jakub Voves
Sound: Ivan Horák
Production: Negativ, HBO, Milan Kuchynka 
Festivals: 2010: Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (GR); 2009: Zlín Student Film Festival (CZ); One World Film Festival Prague (CZ); IDFA Ansterdam (NL)

Age Recommendation: 12

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