The Dead Brothers

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The Dead Brothers


Title: The Dead Brothers
Original Title: The Dead Brothers - Death Is Not the End
Language versions: English original version with German subtitles, English original version
Country: Germany
Year: 2006
Length: 90 min
Color: Color
Director: M.A. Littler
Screenplay: M.A. Littler
Cinematography: Fadil Polisi, Philip Koepsell, Sinead Gallagher, M.A. Littler
Editing: Alexander Schnell
Sound: David Meves
Sound Mix: Michael Kadelbach
Music: The Dead Brothers
Featuring: Alain Croubalian, Pierre Omer, Delaney Davidson, Christoph Gantert
Production: Slowboat Films, M.A. Littler, David Meves
Festivals: Leeds International Film Festival (UK); Sound Unseen, Minneapolis (USA), Lausanne Underground (CH); Winterthur International Film Festival (CH); Flipside Film Fest, London (UK)

Age Recommendation: 12