The Beast Within

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The Beast Within


Title: The Beast Within
Original Title: The Beast Within
Language versions: Various languages
Country: Switzerland, Denmark
Year: 2007
Color: Color
Director: Yves Scagliola
Screenplay: Yves Scagliola
Cinematography: Michael Spindler
Editing: Anna Dick, Yves Scagliola
Sound: Dieter Meyer, Reto Stamm, Adam Liu
Music: Bräker&Haltinner
Production: Producers: Brigitte Hofer, Cornelia Seitler Co-producer: Michael Haslund A co-production with: maximage, Schweizer Fernsehen, Teleclub AG, DR TV, Haslund Film APS
World Sales: Autlook

Age Recommendation: 12

Supported by: Bundesamt für Kultur, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Succès Cinéma, Succès passage antenne, Migros Kulturprozent

Miscellaneous: Editorial Consultant: Stephan Krumbiegel