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Title: Surprise!
Original Title: Surprise!
Language versions: no dialogue
Country: Germany
Year: 1995
Length: 6 min
Color: Color
Director: Veit Helmer
Screenplay: Veit Helmer
Cinematography: Jörg Höhne
Music: Niki Reiser
Featuring: Max Tidof, Yutah Lorenz
World Sales: KurzFilm Agentur Hamburg
Festivals: Cannes International Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, International Short Film Festival Krakow, Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Valladolid Film Festival Spain, San Sebastian Fantasy Film Festival, Santiago de Chile, Chicago Film Festival, New York Film Festival

Awards: Cannes International Film Festival - Rail D'Or Audience Award Berlin Film Festival- Panorama-Award International Short Film Festival Krakow - Canal+-Award Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival - Best Comedy Seattle International Film Festival - Best Short Film Valladolid Film Festival Spain - 1st Prize San Sebastian Fantasy Film Festival - Audience Award Santiago de Chile Best Film Chicago Film Festival - Silver Hugo German Film Award in Silver

Age Recommendation: 12

Miscellaneous: Set design: Meike Urban, Philip Hahn Make-up: Uschi Christmann Hand coloring: Nicola Stein