Super Art Market

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Super Art Market


Title: Super Art Market
Original Title: Super Art Market
Language versions: English-German original version with English subtitles
Country: Germany
Year: 2009
Length: 89 min
Color: Color
Director: Zoran Solomun
Screenplay: Zoran Solomun
Cinematography: Lorenz Haarmann, Ralf Schlotter
Editing: Janina Herhoffer
Sound: Christoph Waury, Huang Xun
Sound Mix: Ansgar Frerich/BASISberlin
Music: Milimir Draškovic/Studio Music Design
Featuring: Leo König, Gerd Harry Lybke, Lorenz Helbling, Mihai Pop, Laura Bartlett, Vito Schnabel, Tony Matelli, Kelli Williams, Martin Eder, Adrian Ghenie, Zhou Tiehai, Becky Beasley, Julian Schnabel
Production: HNE GEPÄCK Berlin, ZDF/arte, Zoran Solomun, Dagmar Fromme
Festivals: 2010: Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Montana (USA)

Age Recommendation: 0

Supported by: Der Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien