Saila - Punk Dystopia from Berlin

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Saila - Punk Dystopia from Berlin


Title: Saila - Punk Dystopia from Berlin
Original Title: Saila – Punk Dystopia from Berlin
Language versions: English original version
Country: Germany
Year: 2008
Length: 94 min
Color: Color
Director: Julia Ostertag
Screenplay: Julia Ostertag
Cinematography: Julia Ostertag
Editing: Julia Ostertag
Sound Mix: spok
Music: Jarboe, Cyruss, Phal : Angst / Drk, Fake Empire, Death Trip, Filth of Mankind, Toxic Nation, The Secret Star
Featuring: Kathryn Fischer, Suzy Rifle, Nicolas Isner, Sandro Piras, Juan de Chamié, Marcin Baczyk, Joseph Hauss, Barbara Green, Joséma Tacatún
Production: Trashnostar Productions
Festivals: 2009: But Film Festival (NL); Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto (CAN); Denver Underground Film Festival (USA); Braunschweig International Film Festival (D); São Paulo Mix Film Fest (BR)

Awards: 2008: Best Feature Film Award, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival (USA)

Age Recommendation: 16