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    PLUS offers you hundreds of art house movies*
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    Costs you only € 5.50 per month, cancel anytime
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    European and international specialty cinema, prizewinning docs, shorts
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    Watch your movies on a laptop, Mac, Smartphone, tablet, iPad, TV or Smart TV

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The realeyzPLUS flat rate for arthouse films is renewed automatically from month to month, that you can cancel ANYTIME and decide for yourself how long you want the deal to last.  Even if you cancel in the middle of the month, you can still watch  for the rest of the entire purchase month. You can pay the Art House flat rate directly with your credit or debit card. You can also use PayPal, but only if the paymentsare booked to a credit card. That is how Paypal works for subscriptions – at least at the moment. 

New videos are added every day to the flat-rate deal - realeyzPLUS always offers you something new. Nonetheless, not all the movies available on realeyz belong to the flat rate. As soon as a film is availble, we offer it to you. But sometimes that means a certain film is only available at first as a stream or a download – especially if it is a new release. You can always check here to find which movies are part of the flat rate. Most new releases eventually get offered later as part of the flat rate.

realeyzPLUS is already available on many devices, and more will be added. We can show you how to easy it is to watch realeyz on your TV. You want to watch flat rate movies on your iPad or tablet? That is very simple. Are you having trouble getting realeyzPLUS on your device? We are happy to guide and help you! On many of our webpages, including this one, you can find the FEEDBACK AND SUPPORT button on the lower right side of the page. Just click, post your question, and we'll answer it! 

Do you have a Samsung Smart TV? Then get the realeyz Smart TV app for Samsung and watch realeyzPLUS in your living room. This is available already in Germany, and soon it will be available in other countries too. Do you think there should be an app for other manufacturers for your arthouse flat movies? Then we write and tell us what's missing. OK, enough said. We think you should try the Arthouse flat! You can get the PLUS flat for the price of a latte macchiato. But hundreds of movies (* in the US over 500, over 600 in the UK, over 1,200 in Germany!, over 800 in Sweden, over 800 in France, over 700 in Spain) will keep you awake longer. Much longer! You still have questions? Well, then just give us a call: 49 (0) 30-2431 3030.

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