Mock Up On Mu

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Mock Up On Mu


Title: Mock Up On Mu
Original Title: Mock Up On Mu
Language versions: English original version
Country: USA
Year: 2008
Length: 110 min
Color: Black and white/color
Director: Craig Baldwin
Screenplay: Craig Baldwin
Cinematography: Bill Daniel, James T. Hong, Daniel Correll
Editing: Sylvia Schedelbauer, Bill Daniel
Sound: Sylvia Schedelbauer
Sound Mix: Gibbs Chapman
Featuring: Damon Packard, Michelle Silva, Kal Spelletich, Stoney Burke, Jeri Lynn Cohen, Ed Holmes, David Cox
Production: Craig Baldwin, Cade Bursell, Kelly Crowe, Isaac Cynkar, Ben Folsten, Max Godino, Noah Goldsmith, Lowell Jacobs, Steve Polta, Joe Rheaume, Cassio Tolpolar, Bobby Watts
Festivals: 2009: New Era Horizons Fest (PL); SHIFT Fest, Basel (CH); Maryland Film Fest (USA); Athens Film Fest, Ohio (USA); Equinox Fest, London (UK); Ljubljana International Film Fest (SI); Amakila International Film Fest, Visionary Histories, Kampala (UG); Tirana International Film Fest (AL); AND Fest, FACT, Liverpool (UK); Punto de Vista Fest, Pamplona (ES); Mapping Fest, Cinema Sputnik, Geneva (CH); Imaginary Property Fest, Nova Kino, Brussels (BE); Las Palmas Fest, Canary Islands (ES); Buenos Aires Film Fest (AR); Marseilles Film Fest (F); Megapolis Fest, Boston (USA); Three Rivers Fest, Pittsburgh (AU); Spectra Fest, Center for Contemporary Culture, Valencia (E); Auckland Film Festival; Wellington Film Festival (NZ); Brisbane Intl.Film Festival (AU); Boston Underground Film Festival (USA); Rotterdam Intl. Film Fest (NL); 2008: Reset Fest, Giant Gallery, Prague (CZ); Chicago Underground Film Festival (USA); New York Film Festival, Views from the Avant Garde (USA); Sydney Underground Film Fest (AU); San Francisco Int.Film Fest (USA); Spectropia Fest., Riga (LT); ATA Film and Video Fest, San Francisco (CA)

Awards: 2008: Sydney Biennial Selection (AU)

Age Recommendation: 12

Supported by: California State Grants for the Arts, Robin carter, Creative Capital, Film Arts Foundation, Global Network against Space Weapons, William Linn, Rockefeller Foundation, Video Transfer Center

Miscellaneous: Research & text: Marjorie Cameron, Jack Carter, C.L.U.I., Aleister Crowley, Mike Davis, Theresa Hitchins, M.G. Lord, Richard Metzger, Jack Parsons, George Pendle, Robert Anton Wilson Archive footage: Irwin Allen, Kenneth Anger, Frank Capra, Roger Comran, Curtis Harrington, Ray Harryhausen, Alfred Hitchcock, Inoshira Honda, Alexander Korda, N.A.S.A., Trevor Paglen, Sid Pink, Chick Strand