My Life Part 2

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My Life Part 2


Title: My Life Part 2
Original Title: Mein Leben Teil 2
Language versions: German original version with English or Spanish subtitles
Country: Germany
Year: 2003
Length: 90 min
Color: Black and white/color
Director: Angelika Levi
Cinematography: Angelika Levi, Antje Schäfer, Markus Otto
Editing: Angelika Levi
Sound: Inger Schwarz, Ulrike Vetter, Anja Fix
Sound Mix: Alex Leser
Music: Marta Monserrat
Featuring: Ursula Becker Levi, Karla Levi Heins, Robert Levi, Johannes Becker, Angelika Levi, Thomas Becker Levi, Claus Peter Westrich, Rolf Schädler, Helmut Hoffmann, Walter Rothschild
Production: Celestefilm Produktion, ZDF, Angelika Levi
Festivals: 2003: Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin/Forum (D)

Age Recommendation: 12