Lose With English

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Lose With English


Title: Lose With English
Original Title: Lose With English
Language versions: English original version or with German subtitles
Country: USA
Year: 2010
Length: 83 min
Color: Color
Director: Michael Glover
Screenplay: Michael Glover
Cinematography: Michael Glover
Editing: Michael Glover
Music: Bright Blue Gorilla
Featuring: Michael Dunn, Francesco Mazzini, Roberta Bianchini, Martin Quilitz, Alice Hill, Josh T. Ryan, Charley Rossman, Joseph Beck, Brian Joseph, Matthew Lee Nelson, Arimah Trinidad. Damon Jacob Grossman, Edd Hall, Mia Antonelli, Geoffrey Wysong, Fred Beshid, Robyn Rosenkrantz, Michael Glover, Sarah Ruth Ryan, Jed Mills, Patricia Grant, Kristin James, Henry James, Grey Schmidt, Suzanne Carlton, Matthew Gossin, David Piper, Brett Perkins, Janna Marit Knudson, Simon Lynge, David Pires, David Zink, Amir Khalighi, Ilya Gochakova, Patricia Harrison, Anna Dekker, Karen Golden, Tiffany Wright, Lily Khalighi, Kasmira Buchanan, David Meyer, Kasia Gerula, Bob Bruning, Greg Hassan, Terry Charles, Chris Cornelius
Production: Michael Glover, Robyn Rosenkrantz

Age Recommendation: 12


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