Lonely Pack

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Lonely Pack


Title: Lonely Pack
Original Title: Kleine Wölfe
Language versions: Nepali with English or German subtitles
Country: Germany
Year: 2008
Length: 48 min
Color: Color
Director: Justin Peach
Screenplay: Lisa Engelbach
Cinematography: Justin Peach
Editing: Lisa Engelbach
Sound: Andreas Fitza
Sound Mix: Andreas Fitza
Featuring: Sonu Pariyar (voice)
Production: Justin Peach (Talking Heads Film)
World Sales: Rise and Shine
Festivals: 2010: Krakow Film Festival (PL), Exground Wiesbaden (DE), IDFF Millenium Brüssel (BE), Rencontre International Paris (FR), Ethnofilmfest München (DE), 25. Filmfest Osnabrück (DE), London International Documentary Festival (UK), East End Film Festival (UK), RegardBleu 6 (CH), Documenta Madrid 10 (ES) (selection)

Awards: Landeszentrale für politische Bildung - Special Award (DE), German Newcomer Award (DE)

Age Recommendation: 12

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