Grindstone Redux

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Grindstone Redux


Title: Grindstone Redux
Original Title: Grindstone Redux
Language versions: English original version
Country: USA
Year: 2009
Length: 60 min
Color: Color
Director: Andrew Szava-Kovats
Screenplay: Andrew Szava-Kovats
Cinematography: Brad Cooper, Robin O'Brien, Martha Wilcox
Editing: Andrew Szava-Kovats
Music: Jeff Central, Randy Grreif, Alva Svoboda, Static Effect, Courious Voltage, Don Campau, XTSW, Warworld, Disism, Mental Anguish / No Muzic, Data-Bank-A, Parade of Sinners, Mark Lane, Dominion
Featuring: Michail Bohonus, Don Campau, Jeff Chenault, Christopher Elston, Charles Goff III, Randy Greif, Marc Lane, Al Margolis, Chris Phinney, Andrew Szava-Kovats, If Bwana, Cancerous Growth, Mental Anguish
Production: True Age Media, Andrew Szava-Kovats
Festivals: 2009: West Hollywood International Film Festival (USA)

Age Recommendation: 12