Gilaven! Sing!

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Gilaven! Sing!


Title: Gilaven! Sing!
Original Title: Zuhause ist wo ich bin - Gilaven! Sing!
Language versions: Slovak; Slovak with German subitles
Country: Germany
Year: 2004
Length: 86 min
Color: Color
Director: Stephan Settele
Screenplay: Stephan Settele
Cinematography: Peter Zach
Editing: Stephan Settele
Music: Ida Kelarová, Desiderius Dužba mit Romano Rat, Bratøi Oráèkovi, Klíncovci, Terne Chave, Choir Apsora
Production: jana cisar filmproduktion (in co-production with 3sat, MDR, MDM)
Festivals: International Film Festival Karlovy Vary (CZ), UMEA Film Festival (SE), Festival des Osteuropäischen Films Dresden (DE), Finale Plzen (CZ)

Age Recommendation: 12

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