The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff

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The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff


Title: The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff
Original Title: From Russia to Hollywood: The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff
Language versions: English original version
Country: USA
Year: 2002
Length: 96 min
Color: Black and white/color
Director: Frederick Keeve
Screenplay: Frederick Keeve
Cinematography: Peter Bonilla, R.G. Wilson
Editing: Tee Bosustow, Robert Gordon
Sound: Margaret Duke
Music: Frederick Keeve
Featuring: John Berry, Dorothy Dean Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Brandon Brooks, Leslie Caron, Jeff Corey, Lisa Dalton, Sharon Gless, Hurd Hatfield, Jack Larson, Isabel Leigh, Patricia Neal, Jack Palance, Anthony Quinn, Ford Rainey, Paul Rogers, Javier Ronceros, Richard Schickel, George Shdanoff, Craig Sheffer, Mark Sheppard, William Morgan Sheppard, Robert Stack, Beatrice Straight
Production: Aslan Productions, City Block Productions, Keeve Productions, Peter Spirer, Chuck Block, Frederick Keeve, Lisa Dalton, Sue MIschel

Age Recommendation: 12

Miscellaneous: Narrated by: Gregory Peck, Mala Powers