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  • Berlin Now

    Germany , 58 min
    D: Wolfgang Büld, Sissy Kelling


    A documentary? A musical journey? An exploration of underground culture in 80s West Berlin? BERLIN NOW is all of these and more - a trip, a whirl of images, a celebration of the music beyond the mainstream. With Blixa Bargeld, Einstürzende Neubauten, Mona Mur, and FM Einheit.ACHTUNG BERLIN 2011


  • Gangster Girls

    Austria , 78 min
    D: Tina Leisch

    German (original version, Subtitled: DE3, EN)

    GANGSTER GIRLS depicts every day life at Schwarzau, Austria's only women's prison. Why are these women behind bars? How does prison life affect them? The prisioners explore these questions in a theater workshop.


  • The Scar (Die Narbe)

    Germany , 76 min
    D: Burkhard von Harder


    Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, THE SCAR, by artist and filmmaker Burkhard von Harder (sound collage: F.M. Einheit) looks in remembrance at the 156 kilometer long no man's land that turned West Berlin into an island.



    India , 59 min
    D: Anirban Datta

    English (Subtitled: EN)

    Director Anirban Datta's visual essay about the dramatic changes in India the past two decades brought about by economic liberalization and the IT revolution. India's billion strong population has become the world's largest contributor to the world of information technology.


  • 5 Factories – Worker Control in Venezuela

    Austria , 81 min
    D: Dario Azzellini, Oliver Ressler

    Spanish (Subtitled: EN)

    In their second film regarding political and social change in Venezuela, Azzellini and Ressler focus on the industrial sector. The changes in Venezuela’s productive sphere are demonstrated by developments within five large companies in various regions: a textile company, aluminum works, a tomato factory, a cocoa factory, and a paper factory.


  • Zum Beispiel Montaretto

    Germany , 62 min
    D: Y. Khalifa, F. Payar

    Italian (original version, Subtitled: DE, EN, IT)

    In MONTARETTO FOR EXAMPLE, directors Fahrad Payar and Yasmin Khalifa take a charming, witty and critical look at a small village in Italy that has gained nearly mythological status as the last bastion of communism in Europe.


  • Choropampa – The Price of Gold

    Peru , 75 min
    D: Ernesto Cabellos, Stephanie Boyd

    Spanish (Subtitled: EN)

    This is the story of a majestic Andean paradise - lost after a devastating mercury spill by the world's richest gold mining corporation. The US-owned mine says the situation is under control but the filmmakers encounter a starkly different reality.


  • Zownir: Radical Man

    Germany , 60 min
    D: M.A. Littler

    German, English

    A fascinating portrait of Miron Zownir, the poet of radical photography. Born in Karlsruhe in 1953, Zownir moved to Berlin in 1976 and then to the U.S. in 1981. There he spent 15 years in New York, Los Angeles & Pittsburgh.


  • Absent Present

    Germany , 84 min
    D: Angelika Levi

    German (original version, Subtitled: DE, EN, ES), English (original version, Subtitled: DE, EN, ES), Spanish (original version, Subtitled: EN, ES)

    The starting point for Angelika Levi and her film is the lost address of her friend Benji. In 2005, Benji disappeared without a trace. Levi goes on a search, and links the story of refugee Benji with the stories of other émigrés she meets underway.


  • Adland – Where Commercials Come From

    USA , 59 min
    D: TVTV


    This is a 1974 documentary by “Guerrilla Television” pioneers TVTV. It takes a fun, behind-the-scenes look at influential people in the American advertising industry. Featuring the legendary admen George Lois, Keith Reinhard, and Jerry Della Femina, as well as actor and director Howie Morris, child star Mason Reese, Marshall Efron of 'American Dream Machine,' King Moody as Ronald McDonald, and many more.


  • Zertifikat Deutsch

    Germany , 90 min
    D: Karin Jurschick


    As of 2005 a new law in Germany affects all immigrants. People outside the EU who want to stay in in the country have to take 600 hours of language and 45 hours of orientation classes. The goal is to pass a test called 'Zertifikat Deutsch'. This film follows a group men and women who strive to become “certifiably German”.


  • All About Tesla - The Research

    Germany , 81 min
    D: Michael Krause


    An insightful look into the life and work of inventor Nikola Tesla, an unsung hero of modern technology.


  • Amiland

    Germany, 75 min.


    Germany , 75 min
    D: F. Schewe, V. Pokorny


    A journey across the continental USA. Two European filmmakers document life in the American heartland. A look in awe at the vastness of the land through European eyes.


  • Anna, Seven Years on the Frontline

    Netherlands , 78 min
    D: Masha Novikova

    Russian (Subtitled: EN)

    On 7th October 2006, the Russian journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya was shot in front of her Moscow flat. Her murder remains unsolved to this day. Masha Novikova's film pays homage to Anna Politkovskaya and to her work.


  • Switch Off

    Spain , 87 min
    D: Manuel Mayol

    Spanish (Subtitled: DE)

    A multinational energy conglomerate and Chilean officials conspire to destroy an indigenous people. But the Indios tap into their own power and fight back...


  • World War II Cartoons

    USA, Germany, Great-Britain, 70 min.

    World War II Cartoons

    USA, Germany, Great-Britain , 70 min
    D: L. Bunin, H. Harman, C. Jones, H. Fischerkoesen, W. Lantz, B. Clampett


    This video is a collection of short animated films that were used to train American soldiers during WWII.


  • Super Art Market

    Germany , 89 min
    D: Zoran Solomun

    German (Subtitled: EN)

    Between 2002 and 2008 contemporary art commanded astronomical prices. Some art works cost as much as an airplane. The real players in the art market are the dealers and gallery owners. Featuring gallery owners Leo König from New York, Lorenz Helbling from Shanghai, Judy Lybke from Berlin, Lora Bartlett from London and Michai Pop from Cluj, Romania.


  • Working On It

    Switzerland, Germany, 50 min.

    Working On It

    Switzerland, Germany , 50 min
    D: K. Michalski, S. Baumann

    German (original version, Subtitled: EN, FR)

    WORKING ON IT: directors Karin Michalski and Sabina Baumann explore the contemporary queer arts scene in Berlin and how perceptions of femininity and masculinity are constructed and ask, “What happens when you don’t fit firmly into one box or the other?” Soundtrack featuring Riot Girrrl bands: Lesbians on Ecstasy, Scream Club, Heidi Mortenson and Rhythm King and her friends.


  • Axis of Evil - Perforated Praeter Naturam

    USA , 84 min
    D: Carmine Cervi


    Poets, philosophers and others ponder the concept of evil - what it is, who defines it and to what end. The oral discourse is visually complemented by politically subversive stamp art.


  • Banned Cartoons

    USA, 64 min.

    Banned Cartoons

    USA , 64 min
    D: U.B. Iwerks, M. Fleischer, W. Lantz, Soglow, H. Harman et al.


    This film is a collection of very funny cartoons that were banned from being shown on television.


  • Berlin: Hasenheide

    Germany , 72 min
    D: Nana A.T. Rebhan

    German (original version, Subtitled: EN)

    The Hasenheide in Berlin-Neukölln is a large inner-city park the size of 50 football fields. It is ususally sensationalized by the German media as dealer mecca and a drug discount store. But for the local residents, it's is an important spot for leisure and sport. A place for everyone - whether ordinary joggers and run-of-the-mill dog owners, or for extremely unconventional odd birds and other dandies.


  • Black and White in Colour

    Czech Republic, Great Britain, 59 min.

    Black and White in Colour

    Czech Republic, Great Britain , 59 min
    D: Mira Erdevicki

    Czech (Subtitled: EN)

    Vera Bílá is an internationally recognized diva of “Gypsy Music” who sings what is known as Roma Pop. This film presents this monumentally talented artist, warts and all


  • Born 2B Gangsta

    USA , 65 min
    D: John Montoya


    Join Ice-T, Coolio, Ish Butler, record producers, rap artists, ghetto and ivory tower dwellers and regular brothers and sisters in an intelligent discussion about the meaning of Gangsta Rap.


  • By Way of Display

    Austria, 37 min.

    By Way of Display

    Austria , 37 min
    D: Karl-Heinz Klopf


    BY WAY OF DISPLAY is an experimental documentary by Vienna-based artist Karl-Heinz Klopf about the effects of betel nut consumption on urban culture in Taiwan.


  • The Comfort Zone

    Netherlands, 57 min.

    The Comfort Zone

    Netherlands , 57 min
    D: Peter Tetteroo

    English, English (Subtitled: DE)

    Paula Callahan and John Bridle spent the best years of their lives in conflict zones and war regions, helping severely injured people. They worked for “Doctors without Borders” for 15 years and witnessed horrible things. Is there life after such an intense battle against true horror?


  • Complaints Choir

    Denmark, Finland, USA, Singapore, 56 min.

    Complaints Choir

    Denmark, Finland, USA, Singapore , 56 min
    D: Ada Bligaard Søby


    Complainers of all nations, unite in song! In this docu-musical, two Finnish artists journey around the world to ask people: 'What are you complaining about?”


  • Copy Me - I Want to Travel

    Germany , 68 min
    D: P. Boudry, B. Kuster, R. Lorenz

    German, English

    This film by Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster and Renate Lorenz reconstructs Bulgarian history as it relates to the history of computers.


  • Corazón

    USA, 84 min.


    USA , 84 min
    D: Richard Poche


    A behind the scenes look at the American amateur boxing scene. Featuring Canadian Roberto Ortega, on the comeback trail after a horrific injury, and the talented Kristian 'K-Smooth' Vasquez, in his quest to win a second consecutive New York Golden Gloves.


  • Damla = Drop | Derya = Ocean

    Germany , 31 min
    D: Elisabeth Pricken

    German (original version, Subtitled: EN)

    Director Elisabeth Pricken focuses on 17 year old student Damla to find out what life is like for young women and girls of Turkish origin living in Germany.


  • It Should Have Been Nice After That

    Germany , 73 min
    D: Karin Jurschick

    German (original version, Subtitled: EN)

    The film tells the story of a woman who committed suicide when she was 41 years old. 23 years after the suicide, the woman's daughter (director Karin Jurschick) visits people who knew her mother. “Personal biography becomes part of national history, and visa versa. Jurschick's film is uncomfortable, courageous and electrifying” writes the Frankfurter Rundschau daily newspaper (October 24, 2001).