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  • When Clouds Clear

    USA , 77 min
    D: Anne Slick, Danielle Bernstein

    When mining companies arrive, bulldozers are next on the scene. They wipe out everything in their path, including virgin forests and the indigenous people living there. But the rainforests of Junín habor residents who fight back and stop the devastation of their way of life and the environment. Still, some of the townspeople can't resist the siren song that money sings...


  • What Would It Mean To Win

    Austria , 40 min
    D: Zanny Begg, Oliver Ressler

    Filmed during the blockades at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO WIN investigates the current state of the counter-globalisation movement.


  • What is Democracy?

    Austria , 118 min
    D: Oliver Ressler

    This film asks these questions: If we have a representative democracy, then who represents it? And: How might alternative and more democratic forms of democracy look?


  • War Child

    USA , 91 min
    D: Christian Karim Chrobog

    War Child is documentary about Emmanuel Jamal, who grew up in Sudan. Today, the man whose childhood was filled with unimaginable hardship and violence, and who was a Sudanese child soldier, is now a world famous rap star on a mission.


  • Voodoo Rhythm – Gospel of Primitive Rock 'n' Roll

    Germany , 115 min
    D: M.A. Littler

    When someone says “Switzerland” what first crosses your mind? Banks, watches, cheese? There are other, more exhilarating sides to the Land of the Alps and one outstanding example is VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS.


  • Vito

    USA, 61 min.


    USA , 61 min
    D: Tom Weinberg

    Nobody exemplified the old-style machine politics of the Richard J. Daley era better than Chicago city councilman Vito Marzullo, who ruled the West Side 25th Ward virtually unchallenged from 1953 to 1985. This 60-minute documentary from 1978 reveals how the business of Chicago politics was conducted in that era.


  • Video Out

    USA , 83 min
    D: M. Finkelstein, P. Vlachos

    VIDEO OUT is Pop Art for the eye and ear! VJing and audiovisual music, the pioneers and the current big names in New York. Dive head first into a world of crazy colors and brilliant patterns. A documentary by Meredith Finkelstein and Paul Vlachos.


  • Venezuela from Below

    Austria , 67 min
    D: Dario Azzellini, Oliver Ressler

    In VENEZUALA FROM BELOW citizens speak about their role in reshaping their country's social systems since Hugo Chávez took over the government.


  • Emoticons

    Netherlands, 53 min.


    Netherlands , 53 min
    D: Heddy Honigmann

    Chatting VS Real Life


  • Empire II

    USA, 180 min.

    Empire II

    USA , 180 min
    D: Amos Poe

    EMPIRE II is Amos Poe's own “The Four Season's” symphony, an homage to Warhol's 'Empire' and a grand visual and musical arrangement of urban rhythms and movement.


  • The Conquest of Inner Freedom

    Germany , 80 min
    D: Aleksandra Kumorek, Silvia Kaiser

    Men who have been convicted for murder, fraud, drug dealing, robbery and manslaughter look into their own souls and try to find answers to the questions that arise during discussions with the other prisoners, using the Socratic Method.


  • Facing the Enemy

    USA , 60 min
    D: Paul McGuigan

    To prevent herself from becoming trapped in bitterness, a young woman decides to meet the former IRA member who murdered her father...


  • Four More Years

    USA , 62 min
    D: TVTV

    This witty and startling documentary by video pioneers TVTV takes a candid look at the 1972 Republican National Convention. It is also the first-ever independently produced videotape to be shown on broadcast television. Featuring political celebrities Richard Nixon, Ron Kovic, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, and George McGovern; and news celebrities such as Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Mike Wallace. A classic work of guerrilla television.


  • The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff

    USA , 96 min
    D: Frederick Keeve

    Genius and Methodology: Michael Chekhov, a superb actor and acting teacher who inspired an entire generation of Hollywood stars including Marilyn Monroe and Clint Eastwood.


  • Germany and the Secret Genocide

    USA , 58 min
    D: J. Michael Hagopian

    Documents and interviews show how key military and political leaders in the German Reich under Emperor Wilhelm II were informed of the Turks' genocide of Armenians.


  • GO-BAMA Between Hope & Dreams

    Germany , 79 min
    D: A. Rahman Satti

    An uplifting fly-on-the-wall documentary portraying Barack Obama's presidential campaign and the monumental time of change that led up to Obama's presidency in 2008.


  • Grindstone Redux

    USA , 60 min
    D: Andrew Szava-Kovats

    In celebration of cassette tapes and the creative spirit – the story of how 'do it yourself' music changed the recording industry. This is also a history of underground electronic music in America variously known as synthesizer music, industrial, experimental, noise, and avant-garde space rock. With music by Jeff Central, Disism, Curious Voltage, Mark Lane and more.


  • From Dachau With Love

    Germany , 77 min
    D: Bernd Fischer

    Dachau is a little town in Bavaria that yearns to be just another name on the German map. Alas - there is no magic solution for separating Dachau from its grim past as the location of the first SS concentration camp. In Dachau, history sticks like chewing gum to a shoe. A surprising, tragi-comic portrait of a unique place.


  • Guitar Men – The Darkest Secret of Rock'n Roll

    Germany , 70 min
    D: Thomas Wind

    Wickedness and Guitars – a true indie thriller


  • Hair World

    USA, 80 min.

    Hair World

    USA , 80 min
    D: Cindy Adra, Marjorie Madura

    This film takes a look at the unique world of competitive hairstylists and their high powered coiffures at Hair World, the hairdresser's Olympics.


  • Plenty of Evos - The Cocagrowers of Chapare

    Bolivia , 51 min
    D: Manuel Ruiz Montealegre, Franco Héctor Ulloque

    The Bolivian Campesinos have been cheated out of their rights for centuries. Until then they organized. At their helm was Evo Morales, who won the office of the president in 2005 with over 54% of the vote. This is a film about the election and the issues involved, including Andes culture and coca farming.


  • I Broke My Future - Paradise Europe

    Germany , 80 min
    D: Carla Gunnesch

    Fortress Europe, Lampedusa, hunger strikes - I BROKE MY FUTURE starts where most media coverage about the flights of Africans to Europe ends. A documentary with insights into the lives of four Africans who have made it to ‘Paradise Europe’.


  • I Do Adore (Ich Begehre)

    Germany , 76 min
    D: Mario Mentrup, Volker Sattel

    I DO ADORE is an experimental film full of mystery, poetic beauty, moving music, and raw energy that strives to create pure cinematic experience.


  • Me Boss, You Sneakers! Ich Chef, du Turnschuh

    Germany , 92 min
    D: Hussi Kutlucan

    Director Hussi Kutlucan stars in the lead role of this German art house comedy of survival. Hilarious and touching, it tells the story of an asylum seeker who wants to start a new life Berlin. Dudie is a refugee from Armenia who is followed by a string of bad luck. But things also have a way of working out. Winner of three Grimme-Preis awards.


  • Lucky. Niggers.

    Germany , 87 min
    D: Thomas Heise

    In the words of Sebastian Haffner, 'We misunderstand history if we forget all those unknown private individuals.' Thomas Heise, director of 'Vaterland' ('Fatherland') and 'Stau' ('Traffic Jam'), films personal stories which would never be described in a history book.


  • The Injustice System in America

    USA , 82 min
    D: Cary Silberman

    American civil law experts discuss the effects of racism at all levels of the American criminal (in)justice system. They spare no criticism on how the misguided 'War on Drugs' has had a devastating effect on communities.


  • It's a Living

    USA , 60 min
    D: Videopolis

    IT'S A LIVING is a video broadcast based on Terkel's groundbreaking oral history book, “Working”. More than a dozen video pioneers worked together with Studs Terkel to make this insightful television program about everyday people. First shown on May 9, 1975, it was unlike anything that had been broadcast before.


  • Japan Japan

    Israel, USA, 65 min.

    Japan Japan

    Israel, USA , 65 min
    D: Lior Shamriz

    Imri is a 19 year -old gay Israeli man who moves to exotic Tel Aviv. His ultimate dream is to move to the even more exotic Japan. In his first long-length film, Berlin-based director Lior Shamriz structures a fictional story n documentary form about the hero’s misconception of Japan, and ours of him.


  • Karate Film Café

    USA , 87 min
    D: Michael Glover

    Genuine do-it-yourself movie making by Bright Blue Gorilla. Take a bunch of creative and talented friends, put them in front of the camera on home-made sets, add some good music and a strange story and you've got 90 minutes of laugh out loud fun.


  • “Dear Muslim...”

    Germany, Poland , 35 min
    D: Kerstin Nickig

    An intimate portrait of a Chechnyan family and their wartime experiences is created from photo and video material, their personal accounts and the mother’s diary to her small son Muslim.