By Way of Display

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By Way of Display


Title: By Way of Display
Original Title: By Way of Display
Language versions: English-Mandarin original version with English subtitles
Country: Austria
Year: 2003
Length: 37 min
Color: Color
Director: Karl-Heinz Klopf
Screenplay: Karl-Heinz Klopf
Editing: Kurt Hennrich, Karl-Heinz Klopf, Sigrid Kurz
Sound Mix: Wolfgang Dorninger
Music: Radio Asia FM92, 7
Featuring: Tsang-Feng Kao, Jay-I Kao, Yu-Chiu Lui, Tein-Lang Wan, Amy, A-Tai, Julia, Shiao-Ping, Herng-Dah Bih, Ti-Nan Chi, Neifei Ding, Min-Jay Kang, Cheng-Shen Lin, Ching-Yueh Roan, Fang-Ping Wang
Production: KlopfKurz Vienna

Awards: 2004: Internationaler Medien und Architektur Preis, Graz (A)

Age Recommendation: 12

Supported by: Land O.Ö. Kultur, Kulturamt der Stadt Linz, BKA Kunst