Beyond Bullfighting

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Beyond Bullfighting


Title: Beyond Bullfighting
Original Title: Beyond Bullfighting - Ignacio Sanchez Mejias
Language versions: Spanish original; Spanish with English subtitles
Country: Spain
Year: 2009
Length: 51 min
Color: Black and white/color
Director: José Ortu
Production: La Claqueta Metálica in co-production with Canal Sur Television
World Sales: Rise and Shine
Festivals: 2009: Medimed (FR), 2008: European Film Festival Andalusian Panorama (ES), Misión Inversa Alcances (ES), 2007: Bolsa de Proyectos Mercadoc (ES), Festival de Cine Inédito de Islantilla (ES)

Age Recommendation: 12

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