Behind the Couch

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Behind the Couch


Title: Behind the Couch
Original Title: Behind the Couch – Casting in Hollywood
Language versions: English original version with German subtitles
Country: Germany
Year: 2005
Length: 70 min
Color: Color
Director: Veit Helmer
Cinematography: Bendar Al Bashir
Editing: Vincent Assmann
Sound Mix: Martin Frühmorgen
Music: Johannes Koeniger
Featuring: Zora DeHorter, Matthew Barry, Donna Morong, Jane Jenkins, Janet Hirshinson, Valerie McCaffrey, Mary Vernieu, Richard Hicks, Billy Damota, Mike Fenton, Monika Mikkelsen, Randi Hiller, Sarah Finn, Katy Wallin, Alla Korot, April Kian, Lee Marks, Alanna Ubach, Obi Ndefo, Jennifer Phang
Production: Veit Helmer Film Produktion, Marie Rechberg, Alex Egan
Festivals: 2006-2007: ueber arbeiten, touring film festival (D); 2005: Hofer Filmtage (D)

Awards: 2007: Bester Dokumentarfilm, German Film Critics Association Award (D); 2005: Best Music Score/Editing/Sound design Award, Hofer Filmtage (D)

Age Recommendation: 0

Supported by: Villa Aurora