Auroville - the City the Earth Needs

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Auroville - the City the Earth Needs


Title: Auroville - the City the Earth Needs
Original Title: Auroville – La ville dont la terre a besoin
Language versions: English or French original version
Country: France
Year: 2007
Length: 57 min
Color: Color
Director: Guillaume Estivie
Cinematography: Guillaume Estivie
Editing: Olivier Jehan
Sound: Benoît Thuault
Sound Mix: Jean-Marc Schick
Music: Audio Netword @Music
Production: Injam Production, Planète, Images Plus, Paco Fernandez, Olivier Stroh, Sandrine Delegiewicz, Dominique Renault
Festivals: 2008: One World Berlin (D)

Age Recommendation: 12

Supported by: Centre National de la Cinématographie

Miscellaneous: Narrated by: Patrick Delage